I am releasing this token now. But it don’t have a website, and I didn’t consider tokenomic. I want to catch a wave of enthusiasm to get popular to Increase the likelihood of success. I want to build a virtual idol(caiyi) + artificial intelligence + blockchain economy and governance. In this network, the virtual idol is the appearance, the blockchain is the body, and the artificial intelligence is the soul.Of course, it is very difficult to achieve these goals. I can only releasing tokens at present. So I need help because my ability is too bad.

My general idea is to launch a blockchain project for a virtual idol(caiyi),It’s look like an anime girl,I am also spending money to find someone to draw a full-length portrait, which may take a while.

Later, the governance moudle will be built. This network will airdrop tokens to those who contribute to the network. The temporary governance can use the YI I just released, but the mature network contains two tokens, so if the project develops, Governance tokens will begin airdrops. When the airdrop reaches a certain level, the governance will be transferred from YI to CAI. (Although I have posted CAI, this is only a template, and the specific situation will be determined through temporary governance)

Finally, it is about Artificial Intelligence. I have an idea to train the waifu bot by obtaining the dialogue data set of galgame, but it is very difficult because there are many copyright issues, but I think this can change the way of entertainment. It is also conducive to the development of Caiyi Network.

My ability is not good. I can only think about these things. If someone can turn my ideas into reality, I will be very be very happy.


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